The Colgate Scene
September 2006

Endowed professorships at Colgate

Year established, chair title, current chairholder(s)

1951 William Henry Crawshaw Chair in Literature
Margaret Maurer
1951 Harold Orville Whitnall Chair in Geology
Bruce Selleck '71
1955 Charles Evans Hughes Chair of Government and Jurisprudence
Bertram Levine '63
1957 Harry Emerson Fosdick Chair in Philosophy and Religion
Jerome Balmuth
1965 A. Lindsay O'Connor Chair of American Institutions
Carl Guarneri, Ewan Harrison, Avraham Sela
1965 Harvey Picker Professorship in International Relations
Naomi Weinberger, Albert Yee
1965 Olive B. O'Connor Professorship of Literature
Albert Ammerman, Erin Soros
1966 Charles A. Dana Professorship Fund
Linck Johnson, Michael Johnston, Scott Kraly,Andrew Rotter, Dan Saracino, Christopher Vecsey
1967 Colgate Professorship in the Humanities
Suzanne Holland, Esther Reed, Raul Romero, Michelle Stephens
1972 William R. Kenan Jr Chair Fund
Ellen Kraly, Charles McClennen
1974 Russell Colgate Distinguished University Professorship
Anthony Aveni, John Knecht
1976 Charles G. Hetherington Professorship in Mathematics
Thomas Tucker
1977 Thomas A. Bartlett Chair
Jane Pinchin
1977 Edgar W.B. Fairchild Chair of English Literature
Susan Cerasano
1981 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Chair
Brian Moore
1983 George R. and Myra T. Cooley Professorship of Peace and Conflict Studies
Daniel Monk
1985 Banfi Vintners Chair in Economics
Michael Haines
1987 W. Bradford Wiley Chair in International Economics
Jay Mandle
1988 Harrington and Shirley Drake Chair in the Humanities
Lynn Staley
1988 Richard M. Kessler Chair of Economic Studies
Don Waldman
1988 George Dorland Langdon Jr Endowed Professorship of History
Graham Hodges
1988 Roy D. and Margaret B. Wooster Chair
Robert Garland
1991 Dunham Beldon Jr Chair of Natural Sciences
Richard April
1993 Robert Hung-Ngai Ho Endowed Chair in Asian Studies
John Ross Carter;
Robert Hung-Ngai Ho Associate Chair in Asian Studies
Padma Kaimal
1993 Murray W. and Mildred K. Finard Chair in Jewish Studies
Steven Kepnes
1995 Jean Picker Chair
Clarice Martin
1996 Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Chair in Liberal Arts Studies
Jill Harsin
1996 W.S. Schupf Endowed Chair in Far Eastern Studies
Takao Kato
1997 George Carleton Jr Chair in Philosophy
Maudemarie Clark
1997 Batza Family Chair in Art and Art History
Arturo Lindsay
1997 Donald M. and Constance H. Rebar Chair in the Humanities
Peter Balakian
1999 G. Kirk Raab Chair in Biology
Damhnait McHugh
1999 Neil R. Grabois Chair in Mathematics
Ibrahim Ahmad
2004 Arnold Sio Chair in Diversity and Community
Charles "Pete" Banner-Haley
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