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September 2006

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Anne L. Anastasi '77
(iUniverse, Inc.)

Filled with practical advice for anyone who needs to make a public presentation -- whether to one person or an auditorium filled with thousands -- Fearless Public Speaking helps amateurs and professionals alike overcome the fear of public speaking. Rick Wolff, editorial director for Warner Business Books, calls the guide "mandatory reading for anyone in business who has ever been asked to make a presentation."

Anastasi presents three simple steps to effective public speaking: prepare, practice, and present with passion. A nationally recognized speaker, she uses humor, insight, and sensitivity in her presentations, and has become an audience favorite throughout the United States.

Edited by Joanne Bauer '84, with a chapter contribution by Rob Figueroa, assistant professor of university studies
(M.E. Sharpe, Inc.)

Forging Environmentalism examines how environmental values are constructed and legitimized within the policy process, spotlighting four environmentally significant countries -- China, Japan, India, and the United States -- representing a wide diversity of cultural, social, economic, and political characteristics. Through a combination of case studies and comparative analysis, the contributors illuminate the cultural assumptions, standards, and analytic techniques that shape environmental actions and policies around the world. Forging Environmentalism provides valuable direction regarding what can be done to secure public support for and trust in environmental policies. Incorporating expert legal, economic, philosophical, sociological, and political perspectives, it points the way toward the possibilities for a convergence of environmental norms and values across diverse cultures.

Robert O. Brinkerhoff '64
(Berrett Koehler)

Brinkerhoff offers what he calls a simple, compelling way of evaluating employee training's impact: The Success Case Method (SCM). Based on careful analysis of participants' first-person accounts of their experiences in a training initiative, SCM has been proven to withstand scrutiny from both a research and a business perspective, and will not choke real-world practitioners and clients with cumbersome methods and arcane statistical gyrations. SCM does not just measure and document the impact of training, the book asserts; it uncovers and pinpoints the factors that make or break training success. Filled with examples, illustrations, tools, and checklists, Telling Training's Story shares the power of SCM to evaluate training and offers practical step-by-step guidelines for creating SCM projects and ensuring results.

J.E. Deegan '63
(Fine Tooth Press)

Deegan writes that every large city has its "Limboland," a seedy, squalid netherworld where the bizarre and the horrific are commonplace. It is a wicked place inhabited by the dregs of humanity -- by hookers, winos, potheads, and psychopaths, and by wretched souls who have chosen depravity over decency. Things inhuman reside there, too -- hellish creatures that prey on the weak and the unwary. A journey into Limboland, a collection of 19 short stories by Deegan, leads into the dark labyrinth of fears or, perhaps, desires.

Michael W. Lodato '54

In a global business environment where everyone is working hard to achieve a unique edge, understanding and improving management processes faster than competitors might be the only sustainable competitive advantage. This book introduces integrated sales process management to marketing and sales executives and provides them with a direction to achieving the concepts in their own organizations. Lodato's central theme emphasizes that to solve sales effectiveness problems permanently, or prevent them from occurring, a business must become more management-process-driven. Integrated Sales Process Management targets recent college graduates who are entering the sales field and sales and marketing executives from businesses that use personal selling to sell high-priced products and services to other businesses employing long, multi-step solution selling cycles. Lodato is also the author of Selling Computers and Software: the MASTER Method.

Translated by Amy Baram Reid '86
(University of Virginia Press)

"I am a dog," the narrator of Patrice Nganang's novel plainly says. As such, he has learned not to expect too much from life. He can, however, observe the life around him -- in his case the impoverished but dynamic Cameroon of the early 1990s, a time known as les années de braise (the smoldering years). When he isn't limited by the length of his master's leash, the perceptive, even ironic, Mboudjak wanders the streets of Yaounde, a capital city caught in the throes of social and political change. Only partly understanding the words spoken around him (the other dogs are as unreliable as the humans), Mboudjak relates an experience that not only evokes the wildly diverse language of the streets, but also reflects the elusiveness of meaning in politically uncertain times. Mboudjak is not alone in his confusion or in his hardship. The blows he receives from humans and the mocking laughter of other dogs are indicative of a larger pattern of abuse that indicts the ruling regime.

Jeremy T. Robin, Esq. '92
(A&UC Publishing)

Unlearning Law School: The Key to Running Your Own Office attempts to debunk the myth perpetuated by law schools that effective lawyering requires detachment and detail obsession. In fact, the book notes, the opposite skills are fundamental to running a successful office. Personal and financial success as a self-employed lawyer requires a shift from billable-hour consumption to an ethic of caring about people. The book provides a roadmap for lawyers, new and experienced, to develop their own solo offices.

Robin has built a law practice in Boston, is the editor of a legal newsletter, lectures and writes frequently, and has appeared on behalf of clients in newspapers, on radio, and on television.

Briton Cooper Busch
(Potomac Books, Inc.)

America's curiosity about elite military units is greater than ever in today's crisis-ridden world. And while numerous books have examined the various elite forces, Bunker Hill to Bastogne goes further to show the relationship between these special units and the societies that gave birth to them. America's roster of heroic images has long included esteemed elite units, running the gamut from Roger's Rangers at Fort Ticonderoga during the American Revolution to Berdan's Sharpshooters during the Civil War and the paratroopers of Normandy in World War II. Bunker Hill to Bastogne is a timely chronicle of the birth and evolution of elite forces and the American public's reactions to them.

The late Briton Cooper Busch was professor of history.
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