The Colgate Scene
September 2006

On the road

Each year, a number of Colgate faculty members hit the road for alumni club events across the country. Recent gatherings include:

Anthony F. Aveni, astronomy and anthropology, Native American studies:
"The Lines of Nasca: Eighth Wonder of the World?" -- Colgate Club of New Haven

Tim Byrnes, political science:
"The History of the 2008 Presidential Election" -- Colgate Club of Columbus, and "The Contradiction Between What Presidents Do and How We Elect Them: A Troubling but Unbridgeable Gap" -- Colgate Club of Boston

Mary Ann Calo, art and art history:
Salvador Dali exhibition and lecture, Philadelphia Museum of Art -- Colgate Club of Philadelphia

Marjorie Kellogg, English/theater:
Discussion panel on Margaret Garner and The World of Opera Today, with moderator and arts consultant Thor Eckert '71 -- Colgate Club of Philadelphia

Carrie Keating, psychology:
"Ladylike & Leaderlike? A Research-Inspired Guide to Women's Power Strategies" -- Women's Advisory Committee (New York City)

Margaret Maurer, English:
Shakespeare's King Lear at Syracuse Stage -- Colgate Clubs of Central New York, the Chenango Valley, and Mid-York

For information about Women's Advisory Committee or other alumni club events in your area, go to or call the alumni office at 315-227-7439.

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