The Colgate Scene
September 2005

Raider tidbits

Two Class of 2005 men's hockey players graduated Phi Beta Kappa.
The type of sand in the bunkers at Seven Oaks is the same as that in the traps at Augusta National.
Colgate has produced 16 Academic All-Americans.
Ten alumni work in the athletics department: coaches Warren Holland '02 (men's crew); Jeremy Ballard '03 (men's basketball); Mike Foley '78, Chris Young '97, and Kevin Bolis '00 (football); Andrew Dickson '94 and Brad Dexter '96 (men's hockey); Erik Ronning '97 (men's soccer); Kelly Tyrrell '00 (women's soccer); and Michele Kelley '02, assistant director of athletic communications.
The first intercollegiate baseball game, defeating Hamilton College 40-21, took place in 1867; the football team played for the first time on November 8, 1890.
The first women's teams -- basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, swimming and diving, tennis, and volleyball -- were launched in 1973-74.
Merrill "Doc" Miller is the first and only female head physician for a Division IA or IAA college football team. She has been hailed in People magazine's Medics section.
Head athletic trainer Marty Erb is a scratch golfer.
Starr Rink was featured in the 1977 movie Slap Shot starring Paul Newman.
The women's lacrosse team has won 16 straight games against Patriot League opponents. Head coach Katrina Silva is a trained pastry chef.
Three of the last five 1819 Award winners have been student-athletes: Keith Brooks '01 (football); Courtney Hostetler '04 (soccer); and Dave Thomas '05 (hockey).
Colgate is one of only three schools with two Walter Payton Award (best offensive player in Division I-AA football) winners: Kenny Gamble, who won the inaugural award in 1987, and Jamaal Branch in 2003.
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