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September 2005

Alumni affairs

Life Choices, Our Voices

On Saturday, September 17, students and alumnae will come together on campus to share their life stories. This conference, titled "Life Choices, Our Voices: Colgate Women Talk," is a chance for students to laugh a little, learn a lot, and network with women from every era. For alumnae, it will be an important opportunity not only to share their experiences and mentor each other, but also to listen to current students.

Life for women on campus today -- and the challenges they will face after Colgate -- are, in many ways, different than the experiences of most of our alumnae. Those differences are the impetus for this conference, but as often happens when Colgate people get together and share their stories, the participants will likely find the inevitable common spaces and transferable knowledge to be incredibly helpful and fascinating.

The daylong conference, designed by a team of more than 50 faculty, staff, alumnae, and students, will cover topics ranging from work-life balance to sexual climate, from difference and identity to women's health issues. Alumnae and students will be encouraged to share their successes as well as their challenges in these discussions.

When talking to alumni about life after Colgate, I am always intrigued by the winding roads that they have followed. It is through the strength of the Colgate experience that we are prepared, intellectually, mentally, and personally, to reinvent ourselves in an ever-changing society. I hope that the paths that our alumnae share will reassure our students that they have the same skills to be successful in their future endeavors.

Initiatives to connect students and alumni abound on campus. As you have opportunities to connect with our students, I encourage each of you to share your life stories in the same spirit that this conference captures. The impact can be tremendous. Best wishes for a glorious fall. Go, 'Gate!

Robin Summers '90
Director of Alumni Affairs
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