The Colgate Scene
September 2003

Fair fare

With a brand-new eatery constructed as part of this past summer's renovation of the Coop, the Scene thought it would be fun to take a look at the state of student dining at Colgate. In 2003, students enjoy many more choices, customized entrees, healthier selections and more hours when meals are available than ever before.

Places to eat on campus: 7 — The Coop, Cutten, Donovan's Pub, The Edge Café, Frank Dining Hall, Juice Bar (Huntington), Merrill House (faculty/student dinners)

What's new at:

The Coop Mongolian wok
Brick oven pizza
Pasta bar
High-end sandwiches, gourmet salads
"To go" station
Late-night meal from nine p.m. to midnight
Students can use their meal plan
Donovan's Pub Traditional bar menu (dinners only)
The Edge Café Intense focus on vegetarian cuisine
Frank Specialty salad bar
Expanded sauté station

Food services (Sodexho) staff: 130 total, including 25 cooks and bakers

Students on the meal plan: 1,650

Meals served to summer program participants per day: 500 - 1,000

Meals served per week: nearly 30,000

Cases of food delivered to campus per week: 3,000

Varieties of water served each day: 5

Breakfasts served per day: 500

Most popular breakfast item: bagels

Bagels served per day: 150 dozen

Types of dessert offered at each meal: 3

Percentage of vegetarian meals served at The Edge Café that are vegan: 90%

Organic foods currently served at The Edge Café: beans and rice

No more mystery meat -- years since frozen meats and vegetables have been served: 3

Suggestion board messages manager Phil Sweeney answers per day: 20 to 30

Volume of recycling per day: enough to fill a 12' x 8' x 8' room with boxes and cans -- twice

Pounds first-years fear gaining: The Colgate 13

Beloved longtime cashier-checkers at Frank Dining Hall: Jean Brooks and Beverly Chlad

Most unusual dining hall myth: salads are soaked in a chemical to swell up in the stomach and prevent students from eating too much

Sophomore cooking labs (lecture plus hands-on meal prep that students get to eat themselves): 1 Saturday/month

Leftovers picked up weekly by Friendship Inn and the Food Cupboard for the needy: 100 lbs

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