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September 2002

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Remembering Spence Colwell

I recently learned that Spence Colwell '41 passed away in July. I am saddened that Colgate has lost one of its most ardent and caring supporters. Personally, he was far and away my favorite alumnus. I met Spence in Boston at a Harvard hockey game in 1995 amidst a very supportive section of Colgate fans. We got to talking and he asked me my class year, and then proceeded to list off the names of several 1994 grads he knew. I was unaware at the time that he could probably do the same for every graduating class for the past 50 years!

A few years later, when I returned to Colgate as an assistant dean of admission, I had the pleasure of speaking with Spence often, as he frequently visited campus and stopped in to say hello to everyone in our office. Staff members would gather around the front desk, and he would give us the latest updates on the softball and soccer teams or share various memories about Colgate throughout the years. He was truly a repository of institutional knowledge.

There was a genuine kindness about this man that was irrepressible. He represented everything about Colgate that we hold in high esteem.

Kate Lucey and the PCD

When I adapted a speech to the article "Taking the Initiative" for the May Scene, I failed to mention someone whose efforts were instrumental in the founding of the Partnership for Community Development. Kate Lucey was a member of the staff of River Street Planning and Develop-ment when she first helped the Town of Hamilton with its long-range plan, then subsequently guid-ed the effort that led to the founding of the Partnership for Community Development. Kate eventually left River Street and served the PCD as its first executive director. Were it not for her experience, wisdom and energy, the Partnership for Community Development might never have gotten off the ground.

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