The Colgate Scene
September 2002

Alumni Affairs

September 2002 is a time to both remember and to look forward. It has been an extraordinary year -- one of sadness, joy and change for us all.

Please let me send our thoughts and prayers to the families of those lost on September 11, 2001. We have lost many friends and family members in the past year, and their absence is keenly felt on this campus in the hills. It is our hope that the comfort of such a caring community provides some strength.

There is, despite a lingering sense of loss, a feeling of renewal here on campus. The spirit of Colgate was rekindled last year by Interim President Jane Pinchin, and the campus community is continuing to flourish with the new energy of President Rebecca Chopp.

We welcomed the fabulous Class of 2006 in late August. The excitement generated by first-year arrival is infectious, and it is wonderful to be back in session.

There are many new things happening at Colgate and in Hamilton. The bookstore has moved downtown into a splendid, newly renovated building, the new Palace Theater is open for its first full semester and Maxwell's chocolates are not to be missed. In our office, Kelly Roos '02 has joined the team as assistant director, bringing great enthusiasm to all things alumni.

If you haven't been back to Colgate recently, please come visit us in Merrill House. We can update you on all that is new and, as always, love to have you share your memories of this place. We look forward to seeing you soon. Best wishes from all of us in the alumni office.

Robin Summers '90
Director of Alumni Affairs

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