The Colgate Scene
September 2001

On safari  
With Kilimanjaro as a background, Dekes and their dear ones strike a pose. Back row, from left, Jerry Maize '81, Jan Lydon, Henry Stimson '77, Mary Jo Hubbard, the Ridings clan -- Alex, Annie, Jim '05 and Barry '74. Front row, from left, Meg Stimson, John Hubbard '72 and John Wilson '52. [Enlarge]

Africa requires so much recalibration -- of scale and time, of imagination. For two weeks in June, we, a band of brothers with wives, sweethearts and family traveled Kenya, from tented camps in the bush to comfortable, even lavish, lodges. We were nervous, hardly intrepid, travelers at first, on the land of origins among birds and animals both fanciful and fearsome. In a landscape that redefines vast there quickly came a sense of returning to the source. Our notions of belonging were only underscored by the people we met. They were welcoming, embracing even; the Masai and Samburu, the guides and hosts. Their wonder for the surroundings matched our own and they shared with us homes and hearts. In the end we, Dekes and others, had drawn close to one another and to a countryside and its inhabitants. JH

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