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September 1999
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Theater call
. . . I'm writing in hopes of getting in touch with any alumni who were once a part of Student Musical Theater Co. One of the goals that we have set for this year is to get more involved. By involved I mean on campus, through visiting lecturers, showcases and cabarets, but also with our roots. I know that there are many alumni who once graced the stage in Brehmer Theater (or sat in the shadows and blue lights), and we'd love to hear from them. If we get enough interest, we're hoping to put out a newsletter with upcoming events on campus. So, if you are a former actor, musician or techie and you're wondering how your old company is doing (or if you have any advice) please send me an e-mail or letter!

General Manager SMT Co.
13 Oak Drive
CU B383
Hamilton, NY 13346

Two out of three
. . . In the July Scene letters section Robert J. McKeegan '43 writes of three Colgate philosophy and religion professors who became college presidents. He is correct in naming Bewkes and Jefferson. However, the Adams who became president of Susquehanna was the twin brother of Eugene Adams, who taught at Colgate until he died late in the 1960s or early 1970s.


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