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There is, of course, a point — a mission — but there are other points on campus too, less defined in one sense, but of more substance in another, fashioned as they are of stone, bronze and good earth.

We spend a good part of every day making, defending and changing a point. Some come right to it, others are urged to get to it and when they do, everyone is happy for the final period. In sports, points are tallied, printers measure them at 1/72nd of an inch and geographers chart them.

Or maybe they are a passing hand signal, a directional gesticulation, an indication of what’s in store or, perhaps, a detail climbing high against some broader backdrop. The point is: Colgate is a place of many points, of pieces, of spirals, of views. And while it serves to listen, it is important to look as well, to embrace the solid, notice the symbolic, consider the decorative and be shown the Colgate way.

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