The Colgate Scene
November 2007

Andy's Day
Former Colgate hockey star brings prized trophy to Hamilton

To the jubilation of the crowd, McDonald hoists the cup.

"It was the greatest day for the village that I've ever seen," said Pat McGaugh of Hamilton, who brought his sons to see the Stanley Cup. "Andy is a great role model for my boys, and shows that hard work can lead to great accomplishments."

Andy McDonald '00, the former Colgate hockey player who was called too small to play professionally, stood tall on Saturday, Aug. 11, as he hoisted the legendary trophy above his head in front of thousands of fans gathered in the village of Hamilton.

A key member of the NHL-champion Anaheim Ducks, McDonald spent about three hours in the village and on campus as part of his whirlwind day with the cherished trophy before departing to his hometown in Canada.

"Colgate was a big part of my development as a player," he said at a news conference at the Hamilton Airpark before a ceremony in the village, "so coming here is one of the things I really wanted to do."

McDonald, the first Colgate player to win the cup, said he could never have imagined winning it while he was a first-year student.

"It really says a lot that he is here," said McDonald's former Colgate coach, Don Vaughan. "It's fantastic for the community to have this opportunity to share in Andy's success. It means so much to me personally that he would do this. It's a perfect day."

See video clips of the visit.

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