The Colgate Scene
November 2004

The dean of the faculty team

Helen Payne, assistant to the provost and dean of the faculty, eyes a pile of paperwork in her McGregory Hall office. [Photo by Timothy D. Sofranko]

From faculty personnel to curriculum, information technology to instructional budgets, Dean Roelofs has mentioned publicly numerous times that his staff keeps the academic division humming like a well-oiled machine. He offered the following observations about the individual members of the team:

Jill Tiefenthaler, professor of economics; associate dean of the faculty since 2003; director of the Upstate Institute since July 2004; at Colgate since 1991
Assists in all general dean of the faculty administrative areas and acts for the dean in his absence. Supervises the registrar and represents the dean's office on committees.
"Jill knows everything about how the Colgate faculty operates, in groups and as individuals, and understands the governance and committee structure. Her guidance has been invaluable as I learn the ropes, because she has the confidence to let me know when I am about to make a mistake."
Mary Ann Calo, associate professor of art history; associate dean of the faculty since July 2004; at Colgate full-time since 1991
Responsible for strategic plan initiatives in the arts and international connections. Chairs personnel searches.
"Mary Ann joined the team just this year, but has already figured out everything in the office, which puts her several strides ahead of me. Her areas of disciplinary expertise are complementary to both mine and Jill's, and she has a wonderful gift for articulation, whether the genre be bold proclamation or nuanced message."
Trish St. Leger, associate provost; at Colgate since 1998
Supports and advises the provost in budget, financial, and facilities planning and compensation. Provides university oversight of the Hamilton Initiative, Palace Theater, Hamilton Movie House, Colgate Inn, and Barge Canal Coffee Co.
"Trish is a wizard with the university budget and everything related to it and she has great executive ability. People keep asking her to help out with more things and she does them all without seeming ever to be unavailable for our work. If you golf with her, do not put money on the game."
Helen Payne, assistant to the provost and dean of the faculty; at Colgate since 1973
Supports the provost and dean of the faculty, associate deans, and associate provost in areas of research related to faculty statistics, personnel policies, academic programs. Keeps faculty personnel records and prepares faculty contracts; prepares statistical reports/surveys.
"Everyone who knows Helen knows that she knows everything about Colgate. She has been providing the main support for all the opera- tions of the office for 17 years. That's been critical for me as the new person, and the rest of the staff is as dependent on her as I am on them and her."
Kathy Langworthy, senior administrative assistant to the provost and dean of the faculty; at Colgate since 1994
Greets and assists visitors, faculty, staff, students, and parents. Manages meeting schedule and maintains documentation and meeting records. Handles administrative duties and coordinates travel plans and events.
"It would be hard to find a friendlier person than Kathy. My predecessor, Jack Dovidio, told me that even if you're ready for the next appointment, make sure they are made to wait by Kathy's desk for a couple of minutes. The meeting will always go better. He was right."
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