The Colgate Scene
November 2004

Weapons and War visiting speakers

[Photo by Timothy D. Sofranko]

Jody Williams (left), 1997 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, International Campaign to Ban Landmines. "Banning Landmines from a World of Weapons." CEWS event, co-sponsored by peace studies, the dean of the college, and sophomore experience.

Geoffrey Parker, Andreas Dorpalen Professor of history, Ohio State University. "The Crisis of the Spanish Monarchy in the Mid-17th Century: Local Problem or Global Problem?" History department Reading Lecture Series, co-sponsored by CEWS.

David Barsamian, radio producer, journalist, author, and lecturer, founder and director of Alternative Radio. "Media, Propaganda and War: The More You Watch the Less You Know." Art and Art History Lecture Series, co-sponsored by CEWS, sophomore experience, film and media studies program, and peace studies.

Lawrence Wittner, professor of history, SUNY-Albany. "How Peace Activists Saved the World from Nuclear War" based on his masterwork The Struggle Against the Bomb. Sponsored by CEWS.

Robert J. Lifton H'99, Distinguished Professor of psychology, John Jay College/CUNY, author of books about nuclear weapons, Hiroshima, the Holocaust, Vietnam, militarism, and empire. Sponsored by CEWS.

James DerDerian, professor of international relations; director, Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, author of Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network. CEWS and peace studies event.

General Romeo Dallaire, former commander of UN Troops, author of Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda. Sponsored by CEWS.

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