The Colgate Scene
November 2004

Weapons and War classroom connections

Conversations related to this year's Center for Ethics and World Societies programming are taking place in many areas of the curriculum. Students taking Introduction to Peace Studies; Conflict Resolution and Mediation; War, State and Society; Women and Peace: War, Resistance, and Justice; Ethnicity, Conflict and Cooperation; Causes of War; and Global Peace and War are attending CEWS events, and the following courses are linked in various ways with CEWS programming:

Fall 2004
PEAC/CORE 322, Weapons and War: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, taught by Karen Harpp, John Knecht, and Nancy Ries
CORE(SP) 138, Advent of the Atomic Bomb (with extended study), taught by Karen Harpp
PEAC 214, Movements for Peace and Social Change, taught by Rob Figueroa

Spring 2005
CORE (SP) 138, Advent of the Atomic Bomb (with extended study to Japan), taught by Karen Harpp
PEAC/CORE 319, War and Ecology, taught by Rob Figueroa
PEAC/SOAN 218, Anthropology of Peace and Conflict, taught by Nancy Ries

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