The Colgate Scene
September 2003

Sports photos
Alana Elsner '07 sets the ball during a match won by Colgate against LaSalle in the Colgate Invitational tournament in late September. At press time, Elsner was leading the Patriot League with an average of 12.5 assists per game in league play. [Photos by Timothy D. Sofranko] Colgate cornerback Brian Anderson '05 sacks Towson University quarterback Anthony Melzi.

Winger Eli Pearlman-Storch '04 gets rid of the ball just prior to contact with a Binghamton University player in a match won by Binghamton 51-19. Pearlman-Storch is also an emergency medical technician and a volunteer for the Hamilton Fire Department.

Colgate's Charlie Lambropoulos '07, left, and Binghamton University's Charles Darkwah during a tight contest won by Binghamton 2-0.

Youngstown State University's Caitlin Bestard heads the ball as she battles for control with Colgate's Emily Petraglia '07 during the Raiders' 6-0 win over YSU. Jamaal Branch '04 heads up-field past Towson University linebacker Neal Regan during one of his career-high 36 carries for 176 yards and one touchdown in the Raiders' 26-7 victory in their home opener in September.
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