The Colgate Scene
November 2003

A message from the president
A time of energy, activity, and growth

[Photo by Timothy D. Sofranko]

"Our distinct size ... offers us many great advantages, which we are just beginning to realize ..."

As I enjoy my second year of traveling to meet Colgate people across the country, many of you ask me, "What's up on campus?" I quickly become breathless when I begin to describe all the lectures and exhibitions, the film series and the athletic events, the parties at the Barge and on Broad Street. You, the eager alumnus or parent or friend, most often say "sounds as if Colgate is still attracting students with the special Colgate personality!" The answer is an enthusiastic yes.

The campus buzzes with activity. The Center for Ethics and World Societies has as its theme "Politics and World Religions," and is hosting some of the most famous scholars in the world to address topics from a wide variety of religious, intellectual, and international perspectives. At the end of October the philosophy department sponsored Martha Nussbaum, faculty member in law, divinity, and classical studies at the University of Chicago, who draws upon classical western tradition to address issues such as liberal education, economics, and human rights in the national and international context.

The Vision for Residential Education, announced by our Board of Trustees last July, has led to all sorts of creative new programs for our students. Breaking Bread is a program that facilitates groups working together across differences of intellectual, racial, and cultural types. The sophomore class enjoyed a "foam party" during the first Colgate-Hamilton Fall Fest downtown. Broad Street communities are hosting multiple social events.

A committee composed of Student Activities Board members, a representative of each of our 11 Greek-letter organizations and representatives from the sophomore and first-year classes are hard at work implementing the programmatic details for the Broad Street community.

Colgate's athletics program is running full speed ahead. Men's Hockey Coach Don Vaughan, named interim director of athletics, is working with our coaches to make sure our student-athletes have a successful year (and from the early games, we are all cheering!). Outdoor recreation is bursting at the seams. Our crew is excited about the new boathouse, a gift of the Glendening family, which will be inaugurated in the spring.

Students may join different clubs and prefer different majors than they did 10, 20, or even 40 years ago, but Colgate students continue to be smart, social, creative, and energetic "doers." That's our tradition.

During the course of the last year we have been engaged in a strategic planning effort to build upon our most cherished traditions and define our aspirations as an institution. We want to make sure that Colgate is a leader among liberal arts institutions who prepare the world's most promising young men and women for rewarding, productive lives as citizens in the 21st century.

As the plan is being developed, we have much to celebrate about our strengths and our traditions. The Core, in place since 1928, is as relevant as ever in this day when students must think and work across the disciplines to acquire knowledge and stimulate action. Our distinct size of 2,800 students offers us many great advantages, which we are just beginning to realize: many options in academics, athletics, the arts, and social organizations, more possibilities in residential education, and a campus atmosphere that buzzes while still small enough to feel intimate -- a quality that many prospective students are seeking. Our faculty of renown provides our students with research and discovery opportunities to push the frontiers of knowledge. Our international programs, especially our study broad program, which is one of the largest in the country, provide the framework for expanding our education so that we have many places in Colgate and Colgate in many places. And our alumni connectedness -- a real treasure in our traditions -- offers us boundless opportunities to develop mentoring programs, guide students as they seek entry into the professions, and advise faculty and staff about the needs and opportunities for Colgate in the world of today and tomorrow.

What's up on campus? A lot of wonderful academic work inside and outside the classrooms, visual and performing arts in abundance, social engagements of all kinds, sports, more sports, and outdoor recreation for everyone, and fun for all! Our tradition continues even as our students bring new interests and styles.

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