The Colgate Scene
November 2003

The dedicated Mrs. Crane

[Photo by Timothy D. Sofranko]

Step aside, athletes, coaches, and Raider fans: if there is anyone who knows something about dedication, it is ticket manager Charlotte Crane.

During her 41 years at Colgate, Crane has watched generations of sports fans pass through the maroon double doors, witnessed countless football, basketball, and hockey nail-biters, and seen freak snowstorms challenge the heartiest Colgate player.

Crane currently manages ticket ordering and sales for all Colgate athletic events, including tickets for home and away games. She is also in charge of distributing tickets to students, alumni, and families.

"[Colgate] is a nice place to work, and it's close to home. The students and faculty, for the most part, are very nice," said Crane.

Despite the continual ebb and flow of people and activities around her, Crane sustains her modest enthusiasm.

"There are a lot of students who come back for reunions or a game and they'll stop in to see if I'm still here. I've had students who graduated years ago come back with kids. Many students will stop in and ask if I know their dad," she said, laughing.

Faces are not the only thing Crane catalogues in her mind. She can rattle off where season ticket holders sit in Kerr Stadium or Starr Rink -- who they've sat next to, how long they've been ticket holders -- an indication of her reserved yet unabashed love of the Colgate community.

Crane is a native of Georgetown, N.Y., about 20 miles from Hamilton. She and her husband owned a saw mill there, where Crane managed the office. After her husband passed away, Crane sold the mill. A friend told her of an opening in the athletics department at Colgate and she immediately applied.

Crane began as athletics bookkeeper when she arrived at Colgate in 1962. She "retired" in June of 1989, but returned two months later to assume her current position. Part-time and "retired" mean nothing to Crane: she works a full day, five days a week, just as she has for the past 41 years.

When asked if she would ever consider retiring, Crane paused to contemplate the question.

"I like what I do and it gives me something to do. Every year I think, `maybe this will be the last year I do this.' But then I think `what will I do?' And then I come back." — Jess Buchsbaum '03

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