The Colgate Scene
November 2002

Alumni Affairs

Great weekends are not uncommon at Colgate. I think of my children's graduations, winter party my sophomore year and reunion every spring.

Topping the list now, though, has to be the inauguration of Rebecca Chopp. For three days Colgate held what my predecessor and current trustee Bruce Morser '76 described as a "happy fest." Four former presidents, the Board of Trustees, Alumni Corporation Board of Directors, many alumni (it was Homecoming, too) and delegates representing 72 colleges and universities were all on campus.

Despite the drenching tail end of Hurricane Lili, the traditional bonfire burned brightly Friday night (though the parade was delayed until the next morning -- congratulations go to DKE for the winning float) and soccer great Jen Hughes '97 had her number retired.

There were dinners, brunches, greetings, games, even dancing at the Palace Theater, but this was a working weekend, and I want to report on some of the meetings that took place.

The Alumni Corporation's Development Committee, along with the trustee committee, focused their attention on Annual Fund participation. Last year's 47 percent giving rate simply does not demonstrate the loyalty Colgate people have for the university.

The Technology Committees of both boards met with Chief Information Officer David Gregory and heard about the exciting opportunities this wired world presents. The committee is especially interested in harnessing these powerful tools to better connect with alumni.

Career Services and the challenging year ahead were topics of intense discussion. The alumni board urges alumni to step forward to help with internships and jobs. District clubs are already getting involved. The establishment of a club board position to coordinate career service activities is being considered by the district clubs committee and alumni club leadership.

There was a report to the Athletics Committee about support groups and their fundraising efforts to augment budgets for our teams. Guidelines for Title IX were discussed, appropriate given this year's anniversary of that landmark decision.

The Admission Committee began a review of how the Colgate admission office looks at legacy applications (children/grandchildren of alumni).

The highlight of the weekend was the inauguration ceremony itself. The directors marched in the procession wearing academic regalia. We were thrilled to be part of the pomp and circumstance and we heard marvelous speeches. I ended the weekend with a stronger belief that Colgate is in good hands.

Mike Martin '69
President, Alumni Corporation Board of Directors

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