The Colgate Scene
November 2001

For art's sake
The staircase at the library side entrance is flanked by the Clifford Gallery and Golden Auditorium and is a good place to hang out.

To say Little Hall works isn't merely to talk about a successfully conceived and executed building. As a place dedicated to the arts, it is a-bustle with activity, from the high tech editing booths where DVD movies come to life to drawing studios and the elemental smudge of charcoal. Built for creativity, Little Hall also includes Clifford Gallery, Golden Auditorium, state-of-the-art classrooms and faculty offices. Opening only last January, the building seemed to lift the spirits of a gloomy campus and inspire its occupants. The level of student work that lines the hallways, specially designed for display, appears at an all-time high. Little Hall is an energetic place and a building that works.

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