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November 1999
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Women for Colgate

RuthAnn Loveless MA '72, director of alumni affairs, brought the group up to date on campus happenings.
The Women's Advisory Committee (WAC) held an early autumn meeting to review its mission statement and discuss possible events for the year.

     WAC chair Joanne Spigner '76 ran the meeting, which was open to alumnae and featured RuthAnn Loveless MA '72, director of alumni affairs, who brought the group up to date on campus happenings.

     "We want women to feel connected to Colgate," said Loveless, "and it is always good to hear ideas and thoughts on ways we can reach out more effectively to our alumnae."

     Reaching out was on the minds of many involved with WAC.

     According to Spigner, "A big theme is `reconnect.' For a lot of women WAC is their connection to Colgate, and it spans the generations."

     The mission statement lists, as WAC's broadest goal, the promotion of "the active involvement of Col-gate's alumnae with the university and each other."

Debbie Villa '75 and Gillian Tullman '97

Joanne Spigner '76

     To that end, WAC identifies four themes: Cultural and social, career networking and mentoring, fund-raising and development and Colgate awareness.

     "What we try to do is offer pro-gramming that is a little different from the regional clubs," said Spig-ner during a campus visit. "We're trying to fill a niche."

     Among WAC's successful events is the Book Club -- discussions host-ed by Professor of English Margaret Maurer -- and the annual November phonathon.

     Networking, of course, plays a key role and was the avenue traveled by Spigner to WAC in the first place. She had left the corporate world to start her own business. Through WAC she found technical support that was important, and became involved with the alumnae directory, a remarkable document that is full of insightful, even emotional, revelations from Colgate women.

Arshi Gyani '97 and Leah Russell '84

Lucy March '77 and Minnie Keh '98

     "We are trying to create opportunities for women to connect to Colgate and for women to connect with each other," said Spigner, who is keenly interested in establishing a website. WAC does have a page in the club section on the alumni site. Said Spigner, "I'd like to have it be more interactive. A lot of us don't live in New York, Boston or Washington. I would like to see something we can all tap into."

     For more information contact Barb Kershaw at Colgate ( or 315-228-7082. JH

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