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November 1999
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West Hall is Colgate's oldest building on the outside and newest on the inside. Built in 1827 by faculty and students who also quarried the stone, West was renovated this summer by outside contractors. Rooms got new carpeting, paint and furnishings, while the electrical, plumbing and sprinkler systems were updated. The grey limestone exterior, described as "plain, well-designed and constructed and . . . of strict economy" when it opened -- a year ahead of schedule, remains largely unchanged. The interior, however, is vastly different. When it rose from Samuel Payne's farm, the building housed a chapel on the third and fourth floors, a lecture room, library, studies and sleeping rooms. Founder and pastor Daniel Hascall has been called the "hero of West Hall," for he raised funds, contributed his own money, headed up the construction and prayed over the building. Amen. JH

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