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Financial Aid

. . . Your piece on financial aid laid out the facts and issues, and the administration has had a chance to wring its hands in public about moving away from solely need-based aid. I got the clear impression that regardless of what any of us think, merit will play an increasing role in aid and admissions.

The critical issue then is not whether merit should play a role — ‘the market’ is dictating that it will — or how sad we are that we can’t keep the ‘need-only’ policy forever in a changing world. The issue that should be addressed by various Colgate constituencies is: What role should merit play in the allocation of scarce Colgate scholarship funds?

The Scene’s letters page could be a forum to discuss that issue if you could get input from students, parents, potential applicants/parents, faculty, coaches, those involved in student activities, some alumni and perhaps someone from the student aid industry.

Views should be heard from:

  • the needy and the affluent,
  • people who think various talents and accomplishments, in the classroom, in the arts, in student activities, in community service and on the playing field merit recognition in the allocation of scarce Colgate scholarship funds.
  • people who think need should be the sole criterion for aid
  • people who know how markets work [a Colgate economics professor?]

If you want a contribution from an interested alumni representative [or strapped parent!] like myself, I’d be happy to do something.

James C. Milmoe ’69