Fleeting days in the season
of memories

Autumn arrives and then is gone, all in a rush. The days shorten perceptibly and the hillside beyond Fraternity Row reveals the latest tinting each morning. Fog thickens those dawns and dew hangs on spider webs, the geese abandon Taylor Lake, and the Willow Path leads to class.

College schedules run counterclockwise to the seasons. At harvest time, the seeds of a new discourse are sown in Lawrence and East Hall College and McGregory. While part of the world winds down, making ready for a kind of walking hibernation, campus life returns, with September and October providing the perfect backdrop, the classic staging for all things collegiate. Classes on the Chapel steps, sketch pads on leaf-littered lawns, stuffed backpacks shuttling across the paths. Tailgate grills scent the air, drums and brass supply the soundtrack, names of old friends are bellowed.

We get busy. Up the staircase to Persson Hall, over the hills to the Bewkes Center, across the Quad to Alumni, there is economics, biology and history. After a summer of quiet the hum is more than audible and the weekly slate of events shouts of the crowded nature these precious days bear.

Jon Alpert '70 at Alternative Cinema . . . Virtual Reality in the Hall of Presidents . . . a lyric interlude with violinist and associate professor of music Laura Klugherz . . . Mary Claire LaBelle Suter '72 first speaker in the

"Invitation to Inspiration" series . . . novelist and visiting professor Douglas Glover reading at the Humanities Colloquium . . . the chemistry seminar . . . a cappella night at the Edge Cafe (which, newly opened in Bryan, has its own packed week of events), Heather Dobbins '97 speaking on Whistler . . . the third Robert Audi '63 Lecture . . . men's soccer versus Hartwick . . . the Dating Game of the '90s . . . women's tennis versus Bucknell . . . Shabbat dinner in Saperstein . . . paleontologist Kevin Padian '72 at the Science Colloquium . . . football versus Harvard . . . make your own pizza with University Church . . . the Colgate Invitational Volleyball Tournament . . . the Meridian Arts Ensemble in concert.

There's more, of course, filling autumn. And the days are up to it. The air begs brisker steps, the light is clear but even if we can't see exactly where we are going, come autumn we know we are going somewhere.

That's the great adventure at Colgate. It is autumn and we are on our way. Summer slides through this brief season into winter but there are days during the transition that are the finest kind. Autumn is the time of our college days, brimming days of youth, season of memories. JH