Alumni News

Working together

The Colgate Alumni Corporation Board of Directors meets three times annually, usually in Hamilton, with the purpose of unifying continued support for alma mater and searching for ways to make meaningful contributions to our college as it continues its growth and development as one of America's premiere institutions of higher learning.

Over the next two years I hope to use this forum as a means of sharing with the alumni body a sense of how ACBOD attempts to fulfill its mission. For example, one of our current special interests

is the support of the Career Services office. In recent months we have explored ways of providing opportunities for Colgate students to network with alumni as a means of gaining assistance in defining career interests and aggressively pursuing job opportunities as they arise.

Today's graduating senior faces the challenging task of finding a good career in a world where many corporations are merging, downsizing or restructuring. The number of corporations visiting Colgate to recruit our most impressive seniors has declined by at least 50 percent in recent years. This means we must prepare the newest generation of Colgate alumni with the wherewithal to make a good beginning in the world beyond college.

A special interest of mine is the Jan Plan. Over the years I have sponsored several Colgate seniors for a few days between the fall and spring semesters. (One of my "kids," Mary Hill '83, is Colgate's new dean of admission). By sponsoring a student in January, alumni reestablish or strengthen their ties with Colgate and gain the satisfaction of helping a young person explore a career while gaining valuable experience for the world of work.

Working with Colgate's new Career Services director, Lee Svete, and his staff, we hope to enhance the university's reputation by providing well-organized, carefully mapped-out paths which will enable new alumni to establish themselves in meaningful and productive careers. Thus we will have the opportunity to apply the wonderful skills and knowledge we gained during those challenging four years in Hamilton. If you are able to provide assistance with career and/or internship opportunities, please call Lee at 315-824-7380 to offer your services.

I look forward to serving as president of the Alumni Corporation these next two years and urge you to contact me with any issues you would like us to address.

Alumni Corporation Board of Directors