The Colgate Scene
May 2008

Mapping London

Maps can get you from point A to point B, and if you're visiting London, that's useful. Twelve students taking part in the London Art and Art History Study Group last fall also learned that maps can serve as benchmarks of experience, providing graphical representations of intangible ideas.

Their semester abroad was led by professor Linn Underhill. She challenged her students with the mapping concept and also had them construct their own sketchbooks. The students shared their mapping projects and other artwork they created at an exhibition at Little Hall this spring.

"At first the idea of a map seemed restricting, but after a while we expanded our thought processes and used the concept `map' to filter rather than construct our pieces," said Lisa Marchi '09. One of Marchi's projects involved her colorful scuffed-up sneakers, which she wore on the flight from her home in Scottsdale, Ariz., to London and then nearly every day in the city. "Their deterioration revealed my struggles to navigate through the city, and my ultimate triumph as a London inhabitant and as a more confident artist," said Marchi, who is majoring in art and art history with an architecture emphasis.

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