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May 2007


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. . . I was saddened when I learned that Charlie McClennen had passed away (Deaths, March 2007). Charlie was a great teacher and friend who inspired countless students like me while he was at Colgate. I first met Charlie during my freshman year, when I took an introductory oceanography course. He had a passion for teaching and laid-back style that was appealing. I decided to major in geology in a large part due to him.

In my junior year, he led a coastal geology course during the Geology Summer Study Group. Charlie let the entire group stay at one of his relative's houses in Orleans, Mass. This was our home base while we explored the Cape. I was always impressed by Charlie's easygoing manner and his love of teaching. Charlie was a prime example of what makes Colgate so special.

In late 2006 I was fortunate enough to reconnect with Charlie. The company I work for was trying to secure a contract for the laboratory furnishings for the new Robert Ho Science Center. I made several trips back to Colgate and soon learned that Charlie was the main faculty contact for the project. He had invested much of his time to meet with the architects and gave valuable input in the planning and design of the new building. The last time I met with Charlie, I asked him if he was going to teach the next semester and he told me he had been battling cancer and that he was going to retire (even though he looked great and was very upbeat). Charlie kept telling me how spectacular the new science building was going to be and how excited he was that the geology department would have a new home.

Future Colgate students won't be fortunate enough to have Charlie McClennen for a teacher and friend. However, Charlie's spirit and love for Colgate and its students will surely live on in the new science building.

. . . This letter is long overdue, but I'm finally going to take care of it. My main purpose in writing is to offer special thanks to Dick Johnson for his loyal and ongoing work as class editor for the Class of 1964. He does an exceptional job of gathering information for every issue, and then presents it using a very colorful and informative writing style. While his service doesn't quite go back to 1819, he has been performing this task for us unselfishly and without complaining throughout all the years since our graduation. Great job, R.J., and sincere thanks from all of us.

I also want to thank all of the class editors for their hard work and contributions in making the Colgate Scene the outstanding publication that it is. You probably don't hear it often, but your efforts are truly appreciated.

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