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May 2006

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Alumni Corporation Board of Directors Election

Colgate alumni are now casting their votes in an important election -- for representatives to the Alumni Corporation Board of Directors. The Alumni Corporation's electoral system employs a single slate with the opportunity to challenge by petition. This year, for the first time, the nine candidates selected by the board are being challenged by a group of eight candidates who filed petitions to run.

Profiles of all candidates and election ballots were sent by mail in April to all alumni with an address on file with Colgate. Your original ballot needs to be completed and returned for your vote to count.

Your alumni board has 55 active, engaged alumni volunteering in advisory and service roles to the university. In making selections, our Nominations Committee considers candidates who have demonstrated commitment and active alumni service to Colgate, and who will represent the diverse backgrounds of the entire alumni body. From bankers to teachers, Greeks to independents, area club leaders to career advisers, and spanning more than 50 years of graduating classes, all alumni board members share two essential attributes -- a broad view of Colgate and a demonstrated desire to serve.

Serving Colgate is a privilege our board treats with commitment and care. We address a wide range of issues important to administrators, faculty, students, and alumni. While encouraging and embracing multiple points of view, we value the collegial and dynamic manner in which we work with all members of the Colgate community. We believe the university receives immeasurable benefits from the dedication and diversity of our members and their constructive contributions to our team.

Be sure to vote in the current election for nine new members to join our board for four-year terms. In making your selections, consider the candidates who will best represent you and offer the distinguished record of Colgate service that the university and its alumni deserve.

Much time and effort have been put into the Nominations Committee's selection of its slate of candidates. We not only thank them for their work, but reiterate our belief in the process and support the candidates who have agreed to serve.

If you haven't already, cast your vote by returning the ballot you received in the mail.

Ballots must be received by mail by June 2 or delivered by hand within 15 minutes of the 9:45 a.m. start of the board's annual meeting on June 3. Each alumnus or alumna must return his or her own ballot.

Your voice matters.

Joanne Spigner '76, President, Alumni Corporation
Ron Joyce '73, Vice President, Alumni Corporation
Sarah Dyer '91, Chair, Nominations Committee

For detailed election information, including how to replace a lost ballot, as well as information about the Alumni Corporation Board of Directors, visit

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