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May 2005

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Colgate Day
A new tradition starts May 13

Have you ever had an experience where you were wearing a Colgate hat or t-shirt and someone walked up to you and asked, "Did you go to Colgate?"

Recently, while I was on a flight a gentleman and his wife were standing in the aisle next to my seat waiting patiently to get past the many people loading luggage in overhead compartments. He was wearing a Colgate sweatshirt, and I couldn't resist asking the obvious question. Sure enough, he was from the Class of '91. A moment of conversation was possible before they moved down the plane, and I had to smile at the small world of Colgate.

It is time to capitalize on what is often much fewer than "six degrees of separation" when it comes to the Colgate community.

May 13, 2005, will be the first official Colgate Day worldwide. It will be easy to remember -- it's Friday the 13th. For all of you who laugh in the face of triskaidekaphobia, this is an opportunity to don your Colgate gear and make a connection -- wherever you are. Be it a hat, tie, sweatshirt, or block C, wear your maroon proudly.

The Class of 2005's senior class luncheon, the beginning of commencement weekend, takes place that day, so consider that you will be, in a sense, joining the festivities from a distance. Think torchlight and bagpipes when you meet someone else with a Colgate connection.

The tradition will continue each Friday the 13th, making the next two worldwide Colgate Days in January and October 2006. I hope you will enjoy spreading the Colgate spirit and meeting a few new people.

Best wishes from campus!

Robin Summers '90
Director of alumni affairs

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