The Colgate Scene
May 2003

Diamond dreams in the Sunshine State

Natalie Rawson '03, Kim Olmstead '06, Rachel Smith '04 and Mandi Perry '06 (left to right) stir things up from the softball team's dugout during competition in the Rebel Games in Orlando, Fla. in March.
During spring break — while most students catch up on school-work, rest or embark on other journeys — the Colgate softball team heads south to Florida armed with bats, bags, sunblock, shades, lemon juice, positive spirits and high hopes. This past March, the Raiders played 10 games in six days. They played in the sunshine, under the lights, through heat, humidity and even in between downpours. By week's end, they completed approximately one-third of the season's schedule. As the Colgate softball team entered its 25th season of play, there was hope that the pieces might be in place for their first championship since 1999.

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