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The Colgate Scene
May 2001
Volume XXIX  Number 6

Four Fond Farewells
Realizing the potential
President Karelis introduces a new Scene column with thoughts raised during his breakfast meetings with students

The seasons of mercy
Colgate's unities of friendship and faith knit the community after still more loss

    on the go
  Around the
The beginnings of answers to the complex questions facing public education are formed in the classroom

Seekers, teachers and preachers
Carlton Branscomb '93 and Dearthrice DeWitt '99 are scholars, especially at the pulpit

Nothing she'd rather do
A change of careers has allowed artist Linda Besse '81 to share the natural world

The Proving Ground
Racing through a storm tests yachts and crews in G. Bruce Knecht '80's first book
The Bulgarian connection
Highly motivated and appreciative, students from Bulgaria make up our largest international contingent
In our hearts and minds
A look at a service learning course in which students work with immigrants
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