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One week

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The cast and audience of Five Who Borrowed Time

There was nothing particularly noteworthy about the first week in March. It was busy, but that is the norm, and there was something for everyone, though that is not unusual either. There were 1,190 classes, of course, but also seven seminars, seven lectures, two colloquiums and four film series screenings. The men’s lacrosse team played its first game on Tyler’s Field and there were dueling concerts on Friday night — the Manhattan String Quartet at the Chapel with Smashmouth and Third Eye Blind in Cotterell Court. Africana Women’s Week concluded with a banquet, Susannah Tripi ’98 spoke about The Lovers at the Picker Gallery as part of the Masterwork of the Day series and Children’s Theater premiered The Five Who Borrowed Time in Brehmer. There were also the standard number of meetings, study sessions, rehearsals, practices and social gatherings.

It was a typically busy week in the midst of a usually crowded semester with otherwise not much to do. JH

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