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Admission letters for the Class of 2002 were mailed on March 27, and decisions from admitted students are due May 1. At this writing, we are in the middle of "yield season," with special campus events geared toward admitted students who come for one more look at Colgate. The tables are turned and it is the students who must make a decision on where they will attend college, while the admission staff anxiously checks the mail each day to see who has chosen Colgate!

Our final application count was 5,775 and we admitted 2,505 students — an acceptance rate of 43 percent. This number is slightly higher than in recent years, due to the quality of the applicant group and our concern to yield our class target given the many choices such excellent students will have. What may seem like a large number is the result of a careful analysis of recent admission trends and assessment of the market factors in the college search. This year’s admitted students had an average grade point average of 3.57 on a 4.0 scale (unweighted). Average SATs were 1325, with the middle 50 percent scoring 620–700 on verbal and 630–710 on math, an increase of ten points over last year. The "intangible" talents and individual accomplishments are impressive as well, and should be abundantly clear in the contributions of these students in the classroom and across campus when they arrive in August.

Final Early Decision numbers totaled 416 applications, of which 225 were accepted, representing 31 percent of the target entering class size of 725. These students declare Colgate as their first choice and make a commitment to attend, without completing applications elsewhere.

Colgate does offer waitlist status to a number of students and about 350 usually agree to stay on the waitlist. In the past two years, we have selected between 15 and 40 students from the waitlist to help bring the class to the target size. In recent years, as competition among selective colleges has intensified, use of waiting lists has occurred even into the summer months. There can be a "chain reaction" as one college admits a waitlisted student, who then withdraws from another college, leaving a spot

to be filled. Thus, we plan to have more than our requisite 725 deposits in May to cover the anticipated waitlist losses. We also plan on about ten students requesting to postpone their enrollment in order to pursue volunteer, travel or unique employment opportunities before starting their college career.

As we wrap up the current admission process our office is already filled with visitors interested in the Class of 2003 (current high school juniors), and we anticipate a busy summer season for campus visits. Let me remind any alumni interested in bringing sons or daughters to the Legacy Admission Workshop, that it is scheduled for Saturday, July 11. The registration deadline was April 15, but some space may still be available if you call soon. Contact Sue Dolly Lathrop, director of alumni admission programs, at 315-228-7712 to reserve a spot or be on the list for next year. The workshop is for students beginning the college search process, ideally rising high school juniors (Class of 2004 at Colgate!). Campus visits are available throughout the summer.

Mary F. Hill '83
Dean of Admission