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Checking the schedule.

Making a point in the Cultural Center.

AOC president Angela Moody Robinson.

Brunch with the president.

Trustee Greg Threatte '69.

Alumni of Color celebrated its 10th anniversary during a mid-April campus reunion.

"I think the campus has a totally different tone from when I was here," said one alumna, who was back at Colgate for the first occasion.

"It was worthwhile," said an alumnus who hadn't been on campus since his graduation more than 25 years ago. "I feel comfortable about coming back now."

That was one of the aims of the weekend -- "Renew! Rekindle! Reconnect!" -- which was the idea of Lisa de Leon '83, the director of Undergraduate Studies and organized by RuthAnn Loveless, Alumni Affairs, Burgie Howard, Student Activities and Judy Fischer, Career Services.

The weekend included a series of workshops that dealt with networking and career changes as well as the arts, business, education, finance, health services and the law. There were also ample opportunities for alumni and students to exchange views and examine "student life in the '90s." Faculty and staff discussed "the multicultural experience" on campus.

Energy was high throughout the weekend, which was coordinated by Alumni Affairs, and not just at the parties. The Latin American Students Organization (LASO) sponsored a welcoming party featuring the Sojourners Friday night. An Ethnic Dinner followed by the After Party at the Edge Café capped Saturday's full slate.

At the banquet, AOC past president and master of ceremonies Van Don Williams '77 told the gathering, "You have a history here as well as a purpose and you are part of Colgate."

Vaughan Carney '68 spoke in tribute of the alumni who paved the way for him and succeeding generations of students, thanking them for "sustaining and critical lessons." He also announced a plaque acknowledging the contributions of the late Robert Lee Boney Jr. '69, a campus leader and educator who was instrumental in the creation of Colgate's first cultural center.

In addition to performances by the Latin American Dancers and Colgate's Groove, the dinner was also highlighted by the announcement of the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. '30 Endowed Scholarship.

The weekend wrapped up with a brunch where alumni heard from President Neil Grabois, Dean of the College Mike Cappeto and Vice President of Public Affairs Bob Tyburski '74.

"We're constantly trying," Grabois told the gathering. "What is special about this place is that Colgate is intimate and people get to know one another."

"This is a living, learning community, one that should be reaching out to all students," added Cappeto.

Ernest Pile '71 expressed a common sentiment when he said, "We're here to stay, we're here to support students."

"To have the opportunity to engage you," Grabois said to the Alumni of Color in concluding the historic weekend, "is terribly important for our students." JH