The Colgate Scene
March 2008

Notable Quotables

"[For decades] higher education has been nervous about talking about religion. We're probably in a time of transition ... What's different is globalization, the presence of world religions."

— President Rebecca Chopp in a Dec. 17 USA Today article on students seeking spirituality

"No one knows what's going to take primary importance in the people's minds — Iraq, the economy, values issues — they are all up for grabs, and some people decide at the last minute."

— Professor Robert Kraynak in a Jan. 9 U.S. News & World Report article on the New Hampshire primaries

"Women's loyalty to another highly qualified member of their own sex should be respected. After all, in spite of the complex identity emphasized by media pundits, the junior senator from New York bears the promise that a woman finally might become president 160 years after [Elizabeth Cady] Stanton's `Declaration of Sentiments' proclaimed `all men and women are created equal.' Like Clinton [said] in the New Hampshire debate, her supporters can argue for her strengths without denying Obama's talents."

— Wanda Warren Berry, professor of philosophy and religion emerita, in the Jan. 13 Post-Standard (Syracuse, N.Y.)

"The research out there suggests that there is moderate stability to personality by the time we reach age 3, but also that tremendous change occurs even up until the 50s. We need to figure out what causes change."

— Rebecca Shiner, associate professor of psychology, as quoted in the Jan. 15 MSNBC article "Personality may be set by preschool"

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