The Colgate Scene
March 2005

Documentary Colgate
Alumni participants
Independent filmmaker Xan Parker '92 also participated in a Women's Studies Brown Bag Lunch discussion. [Photo by Aubrey Graham '06]
Jon Alpert '70, director, The Last Cowboy; executive producer, Off to War
Joe Berlinger '83, director, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
Lou Buttino '66, Broken Brotherhood: Vietnam and the Boys from Colgate
Bob Connelly '84, director Silver Cities of Yucatan
Steve Cantor '90, executive producer, Amish in the City and Family Bonds
Matt Gould '93, executive producer, Body Work, Overhaulin', and While You Were Out (The Discovery Channel/TLC)
Matt Gould; Sarah Karlson '93, producer, Dateline NBC; Chris White '91, production director, P.O.V.: panel discussion on Nonfiction Television
Adam Goldman '94, The Mark Twain Company
Chris Paine '83, executive producer, No Maps For These Territories
Xan Parker '92, director, Risk/Reward
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