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March 2004

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Reunion Live

When was your last chance to visit Colgate? Were you up for a game? Have you returned to the Chenango Valley for a reunion? If not, Reunion 2004 is your chance to re-experience your alma mater. For four days in June (June 3-6), Reunion 2004 will fill your life with opportunities to learn, relax, and celebrate the spirit that is Colgate.

Start with a journey through Colgate athletics. It's been an incredible year, and during reunion we will celebrate the successes of the current teams and look back at those who built the foundation.

Join us for "Leather Helmets and the Flying Wedge: Early Sports at Colgate" with university archivist Carl Peterson and "Thirty Years of Women's Athletics at Colgate" with Janet Little, senior associate athletics director, and members of the coaching staff.

Athletics has added great energy to the campus, as have initiatives to boost diversity at Colgate. Rajesh Bellani, dean of sophomore year, and Jaime Nolan, director of the ALANA Cultural Center, will lead a discussion that examines both our history and our continuing mission as a leading liberal arts university where students of all backgrounds may thrive academically and personally.

Come back to class. To get a taste of the academic experience offered today, stop in at "Unscrambling Colgate's Dinosaur Egg" with Constance M. Soja, professor of geology, or one of the 48 other classes presented by some of your favorite faculty members. I promise you the joy of learning, but without the homework!

And don't forget your fellow alumni. "Investment Management 101," with Lawrence Lepard '79, and "Jumping Off the Cliff: How One Colgate Grad Made a Choice and Started Again," with Bruce Healey '84, are just two of the headliners who will present practical, funny, challenging, and fascinating programs relating to their lives after Colgate.

There are many other traditional programs and innovative sessions scheduled -- it may be difficult to choose. The doors of the university swing wide open during reunion. Whether you are excited about the football team, have questions about Colgate, miss this beautiful place, want to see downtown, or simply look forward to seeing old friends, there couldn't be a better time to come back. There will be incredible opportunities for conversation, and everyone at Colgate will be here to greet you, talk, and listen.

Register online today, or contact the alumni office for more information. See you in June!

Robin Summers '90
Director of Alumni Affairs

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