The Colgate Scene
March 2002

Colgate is a complicated place
Marge Brown, dining services Barb Cook, B&G Amanda Damon '02, Barge, field hockey

Colgate is a complicated place.

Universities wrangle with politics, pedagogy and philosophies, but Colgate flourishes because of its people. Some are as obvious as Jerry Balmuth, the giant of the P&R department, while others make their contributions less conspicuously. Some spend entire careers here, others stay only four years, but either way, the connection is lifelong. Whether their names are on their shirts or above their doors, Colgate people think and sweat and find common ground in their concern -- for learning, for place, for one another.

The college was hacked out of the frontier, grew up in farm country and has been changing ever since. What remains the same is a willingness to pitch in, from building West Hall to planning a renewed Case Library. We speak of a beautiful campus, of solid architecture and open green, but all my seasons here, as a boy and as a man, have showed me the true essence of this college -- the spirit that is Colgate -- is its people. It is an honor to present a few, from then and now, who have mattered most, in this last picture show of mine.

— John D. Hubbard '72

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