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March 2002

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Van Don Williams and Vaughn Crowe
Van Don Williams '77 and Vaughn Crowe '02
"We don't question what we see in films," filmmaker Spike Lee told a capacity crowd in Cotterell Court on Feb. 2. "This is Hollywood and we as moviegoers buy it hook, line and sinker." Lee said all of us should be aware of the overwhelming presence of the media in our lives and its effect on us. "For me, filmmaking is a very powerful medium, he said. "You definitely have influence on how people think and act."

Spike Lee
  Spike Lee

"What makes the U.S. a world power is not our military -- it's film, TV and music," Lee said. "That is how we dominate the world. Go anyplace in the world and you see American culture."

Lee's talk was sponsored by the student organization Brothers. Before it began, senior Vaughn Crowe presented a plaque of appreciation to Van Don Williams '77 on behalf of Brothers. Crowe called Williams "a hero not just for African Americans, but for America." A New York City firefighter, Williams responded to the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. He worked 36 hours straight and rescued two people from Tower One. He has continued to work at Ground Zero.

Williams said, "Listen. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not promised to you. So the only thing you have is now. Learn from each other. Love each other. And while you're here, study each other, and you'll be blessed most of all."

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