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March 2001
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Planning Committee Report

Planning Committee Report Contents:
  1. Innovation
  2. Smaller classes
  3. Aid
  4. Environment
  5. Financing the goals of planning
IV. Environment

Colgate's commitment to the broader concept of a campus that includes the village and the surrounding region has become an important theme of this planning process. Our success in attracting the very best students, faculty and staff is greatly influenced by the first impression that they have when visiting the area. While residents and visitors alike appreciate the rural charm of Hamilton's nineteenth-century architecture, the erosion of retail shopping in the village and the lack of economic development in the area in general cause concern.

We have already begun a process of change. New initiatives include the Partnership for Community Development (PCD), a nonprofit community development corporation sponsored by the village, town and Colgate; action committees developed by the Alumni Corporation to work cooperatively with the PCD; and the Hamilton Initiative, LLC, founded in April of 2000 with a mission to acquire, renovate and lease space in commercial buildings in the village center. Other strategies may well emerge in the next several years, and the college should be alert to new ideas that may serve the goal of fostering a more vibrant and attractive residential and commercial area surrounding the college.

Our interest in the village should be read as complementing an ongoing commitment to quality on Colgate's central campus. This is a hallmark of the institution, and renewal and maintenance, along with judicious expansion of the campus, must surely occur over the next decade. Indeed, the increase in the size of the faculty and the emphasis on innovation and technology entail a need for additional academic space, especially in the sciences, as well as implementation of the plans to relocate Information Technology Services to an expanded and renovated Case Library. Further details on certain projects, now in the development stage, are included in an appendix to this report.

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