The Colgate Scene
March 2001
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Real World

Real World hustle and bustle outside Frank.
For the past five years, the second semester has begun with a dose of reality for seniors. Real World is a weekend's worth of practical advice, career workshops and social events. Members of the Alumni Corporation Board of Directors and other alumni return to campus to share tips on interviewing skills, first-year success on the job and investing strategies. Panels cover everything from apartment hunting to the particulars of life in various cities. There were also discussions of a number of careers, from education to technology-related jobs. The weekend included a number of social events, beginning with a road trip to Ithaca to help the hockey team escape with a 2-2 tie against Cornell, a buffet with alumni and, finally, a formal dinner and wine tasting. Said Ashley Pontius, co-president of the senior class with Dana Snyde, "It's always exciting to hear about the accomplishments of alumni, and I thought the Real World speakers were particularly impressive."

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