Tools for life A sense of calling Mighty Megan in the middle Interiors

The Colgate Scene
March 1999
Volume XXVII  Number 5

Tools for life
The core has evolved at Colgate for 160 years and relates directly to students' lives

Colgate's first Rhodes Scholar
Whitney Hart Shepardson '10, straight-A student, campus leader and athlete, had his eye on the prize

A sense of calling
Professor Roy Bryce-Laporte takes students seriously and cares for their well-being

Make 'em laugh
Mark Klein '76 finds laughter is the best motivator and has traded audiences for corporate clients

Building a life
Bradford Johnston '68 is a man of the cloth and of wood, living with hardened hands and open heart

'Looking for wisdom and friendships'
Doug Parks '60 has always worked for change as a leader, traveler, organizer, minister and teacher

Karen Matyas Amidon '88 found a way to stay at home, help the world and add to the bottom line

     Photo spread: Interiors
     People on the go
     Around the college
The renaissance rustic
The woods and winter define the calendar of John Wiggin '66 as he works to preserve the land
Teaching the world to sing
Culture, language and styles all connect through music for singer Michele Comment Baron '81
Mighty Megan in the middle
An all-Patriot League player on the women's basketball team last season, Megan Gibbons is back for more and she's delivering

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