The Colgate Scene
July 2006

Reunion 2006

Alumni, family, and friends congregate outside the Hamilton Movie Theater for the dedication ceremony of the newly installed Art Deco marquee -- part of the Class of 1956's record-setting 50th Reunion gift to the university. In all, the class raised $29.4 million for its gift, which in addition to the marquee (a walk-of-fame-like star in the entryway commemorates the class and its gift) included establishment of the Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship Fund.

More than 2,000 alumni, family, and friends took part in tours and dedications, meals and receptions, classes, speeches, and private conversations -- all within the fellowship of reconnecting and celebrating with friends and mentors from the past, and making new acquaintances. Nearly 50 Reunion College events, featuring alumni, faculty, and staff experts and organized by the Office of Alumni Affairs, touched on everything from why Google is good for libraries to eco-tourism in East Africa, from political labels to how our natural surroundings influence us. With everything that makes coming together at a Colgate Reunion special, it was truly a weekend to remember.

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