The Colgate Scene
July 2006

Election results:
Alumni Corporation Board of Directors

The results are in. On the basis of 7,034 ballots cast (roughly 25 percent of those eligible), the slate of candidates put forth by the Alumni Corporation Board of Directors has been elected. Each new member will begin a four-year term beginning in July 2006.

The alumni board's slate was chosen by its nominations committee from approximately 300 alumni considered on the basis of demonstrated commitment and active service to Colgate. This year, a group of eight alumni filed petitions to contest the slate of nominees selected by the committee, requiring ballots to be mailed to alumni. An independent firm handled the election's balloting, tabulation, and certification. For more information, visit

The new members are: Peter A. Sears '60; Edward A. Ryan '67; William H. Freeborn '76; Christine J. Chao '86; Kathleen Dill '89; Andrew Rome '99; Devon Skerritt '00; Jung Pak '96 and Tracy Tanner '00. We look forward to their active participation in the many different areas addressed by the alumni board.

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