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July 2005

Fast facts on the Class of 2005

Claudia Melniciuc, left, is primped by her mother, Maria, before being honored as the class valedictorian. The mathematics and art and art history major from Arad, Romania, earned a GPA of 4.03, graduating summa cum laude with honors in women's studies and distinction in the liberal arts core curriculum. She was also inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. [Photos by Timothy D. Sofranko]
Valedictorian: Maria Claudia Melniciuc, Arad, Romania
Mathematics and art and art history major
Salutatorian: Sarah J. Sillin, New Paltz, N.Y.
English and women's studies major
Bachelor of arts degrees awarded 689
Master of arts in teaching degrees awarded 1
Summa cum laude graduates 24
Magna cum laude graduates 131
Cum laude graduates 124
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa: 32
Departmental honors 85
High honors 42
Distinction in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum 50
High distinction in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum 13
Certified to teach 6
Odds and ends
Most-declared major for the class political science/102
Class of 2005 gift (towards an unrestricted scholarship) $43,238/75% participation*
Hometown geographic representation 40 states, 17 nations
Number who signed the Graduation Pledge for Social and Environmental Responsibility 200+
Meals served throughout Commencement weekend 3,500
Water bottles provided during Commencement ceremony 800
Gallons of ice cream dished out at the social after commencement 250
*as of May 23
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