The Colgate Scene
July 2004

"Our way of giving back"

(left to right) Robert L. Glendening '71, Bruce B. Glendening '77, their father, John W. Glendening '38, and their brother, John W. Glendening III, at the dedication of the boathouse. [Photos by Timothy D. Sofranko]

More than 250 Colgate alumni, family, friends, and neighbors turned out for the dedication of the Glen-dening Boathouse on Lake Moraine in April. After a ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception, the boathouse was quickly put to use as Colgate's men's and women's crew competed against Hamilton College, St. Lawrence, and Bucknell, posting wins in all of their varsity races.

The boathouse is given in memory of Catherine Long Glendening by her husband and Colgate trustee emeritus John W. Glendening '38; and sons John W. Glendening III, Robert L. Glenden-ing '71, and Bruce B. Glendening '77. More than 20 members of the Glendening family were in attendance at the ceremony.

"This is a magnificent building and a magnificent gift," said Colgate President Rebecca Chopp. "This kind of commitment to athletics and to a competitive program helps our community to achieve leadership in our country, society, and civic organizations."

The Glendening Boathouse (background) was designed to fit the look and feel of the Lake Moraine shoreline.

The association between Colgate and the Glendening family extends across nearly half of the university's history, starting with Charles Glendening '17, the uncle of John W. Glendening. The former trustee's brother Robert graduated from Colgate in 1940.

"Colgate has been very good to our family, and this is our way of giving back," said Robert L. Glendening '71.

The university worked with the Ithaca-based firm Holt Architects on the boathouse project, which began in June 2003. "The Glendening Boathouse traces its design antecedents to the great nineteenth-century boathouses of the Schuylkill and Charles Rivers, coupled with the regional influence of traditional Adirondack style," said Robert O'Brien, AIA, principal of Holt.

It was important to all that the new boathouse not only fit the needs of an NCAA Division I rowing program, but fit the look and feel of the Lake Moraine shoreline. The boathouse will serve as a multipurpose facility, with use by the rowing teams, recreational sports, physical education, and outdoor education.

"This building stands as a representation of the excellence to which we are committed -- the excellence to which we want all of our students to strive for," said Chopp.

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