The Colgate Scene
July 2003

Alumni Corporation's new humanitarian award honors Jane Pinchin

[Photo by John D. Hubbard]

Colgate's Alumni Corporation has established a new award to recognize alumni who have devoted themselves to improving the lives of individuals and communities.

The Colgate Alumni Corporation Humanitarian Award was inspired by the contributions of Jane Lagoudis Pinchin, vice president of academic advancement. Having served as interim president of the college in 2001-2002 and previously as provost and dean of the faculty, Pinchin has been a distinguished member of the English faculty since 1969. Among her many contributions to the college, Pinchin was instrumental in establishing the Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (COVE) and helped to tailor the college's curriculum to introduce community service components into academic courses. In addition, under her direction, Colgate created the Center for Ethics and World Societies for study and involvement in issues of global concern.

At the April meeting, the Alumni Corporation Board of Directors surprised Pinchin when they informed her the award would be given in her honor.

"I came to a meeting thinking I would be describing my new work as vice president for academic advancement, my excitement as I tackle new foci: the link between academic and development worlds and special projects -- on Colgate's museums, our involvement in upstate New York, the Center for Ethics and World Societies, oral history," said Pinchin, "only to find ACBOD, people who love this institution and have worked tirelessly for its well-being, celebrating my achievements. I felt humbled, grateful and terribly moved."

Beginning in 2004, the award will be given each year, to alumni who have devoted themselves to improving the quality of life for individuals in local, regional and/or national communities through their compassion, initiative and commitment, either through their careers or other significant commitment of time and energy. Candidates will be evaluated based on their service to communities at large rather than their volunteer efforts on behalf of Colgate. Nominations will be solicited annually, and one award will be given per year.

A plaque listing winners of the award will be hung in the COVE, as a way of demonstrating to students that Colgate values community service by its alumni.

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