The Colgate Scene
July 2002

The reunion continuum

[Photo by John Dowling]
"I've been back here many times before, but it's an awesome feeling that 25 years later I can still be in love with [this] place -- Van Don Williams '77

Reunion 2002 brought more than 2,200 to Colgate for a weekend packed with lively events and moments for reflection, music and conversation, ceremony and tradition.

Reunion brings together memories of 9/11
St. Petersburg Times columnist Robert Trigaux '77 learned during his 25th reunion that "the events of Sept. 11 remain a very deep and raw wound" for some.
From a display of Colgate memorabilia 1819-1945, to overviews of college admissions, financial aid and current student life, from lectures on Macbeth, alpine mountaineering, Native American legend painting and the stock market, to panel discussions on multiculturalism, Vietnam and September 11, nearly 40 Reunion College "classes" provided an opportunity to reminisce, review or learn something new -- to be a student once again. Alumni were also eager to learn about physical changes to the campus and in Hamilton, as evidenced by the full house for "Reviving a Historic Village; The Hamilton Initiative and the Partnership for Community Development."

"It's really special to see how beautiful the campus has become since our time here as students," said Leon Aronowitz '77. "Most impressive to me is how well-organized everything is. The alumni office does a wonderful job in providing a setting for us to be able to talk and renew acquaintances."

"Look at this -- it's like a continuum -- the immortality of these groups of guys all lined up, spanning the years," said Bernie Siegel '53 from his vantage point beside the men from the '40s and '50s as they lined up behind their class banners on Oak Drive, waiting for the traditional parade up Broad St. to begin.

"We have come through a difficult and exhilarating year," said Interim President Jane Pinchin at Saturday's all-class luncheon. "Welcome back. Get to know this place that's forever yours."

Celebrating their 60th anniversary, more than 150 Colgate Thirteen alumni sang their way through the weekend, including the dedication ceremony for their new abode at 13 College St. and a rousing concert in the Chapel.

For all who came to reconnect and celebrate alma mater in myriad ways, "the memory lingers o'er'" the continuum of reunion. RAC

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