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July 2001
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Alumni Affairs
Countdown to Reunion 2001

  By the time you read this, Reunion 2001 will be over. As a retrospective, I thought I might give you a glimpse of life in the alumni office in May.

Five weeks to reunion . . . Things are picking up. The last of the class letters have been mailed, registration forms are flying in and alumni want to know how to register on the website to beat the May 1 deadline/$20 late fee. Our first meeting with our student worker crew was great. Class souvenirs have been ordered (love those '51 ties!). Everyone wants to know the answer to the big question -- what color is the reunion worker shirt this year? (weathered slate blue).

Three weeks to reunion . . . The phones are constantly ringing. We get every question in the book from: can I bring my dog? (no), to, do you know where I'm staying? (not yet), to what should my wife wear to the banquet? (semi-formal attire, please). We are making lists and checking them twice. Are the '76 and '61 classes getting too big -- should we move their banquet spaces? Did we order enough polo shirts? Signs are being printed to point the way to a screening of The Proving Ground by G. Bruce Knecht '80, the Beattie Reserve ropes course led by students from outdoor education, and the geological walking tour of campus with Professor Bruce Selleck '71.

The week before reunion . . . just get out of the way, the train is on a roll. We're working non-stop but things are pretty much in line. The registration packets are almost stuffed and we are starting to assign rooms. The tents are going up. It looks like the circus has arrived. Final prayers and dances to the rain gods are being performed and we are about to move the entire alumni office down to the Student Union. Are the phone lines hooked up yet? Yes, and extra linens are already in the conference room.

Post-reunion . . . Monday off! It is always great to have the weekend finished successfully. I hope that the weekend went well and that all in attendance enjoyed their visit to campus. On June 5 we started work on Reunion 2002 (May 30 - June 2 for all of you 2s and 7s, as we say). Despite the enormity of the task, it is a wonderful time for all of us here at Colgate. We loved having you back.

Robin Summers '90
Director of Alumni Affairs

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