The Colgate Scene
July 1999
Volume XXVIII  Number 1
Graduation 1999A fine and festive dayReunion 1999Love for alma mater swells
Offering solutions, offering hope
Jeannette Burgos '77, as an administrator and therapist, works for children and others in need

Sharing important moments
The concluding conference of the Center for Ethics and World Societies coincided with Reunion

    on the go
  Around the
Building a foundation to save lives
The James William Lazzaro Foundation is raising awareness about a genetic killer

A job in the front office
An athlete and fan growing up, Emily Forster '90 is now a part of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks

When learning doesn't work
Author and publisher Julian Padowicz '54 has struggled to make sense of the scramble

Adventures in the day trade online
Author and day trader Chris Farrell '95 shares some insights into his online work

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